Let us discover one of the most shocking revelations of India’s Bnaae relationship.

As we are all aware of the ritual in India that after the bond of marriage, the couple is allowed to give birth to a child. Rajasthan’s Udaipur also known as the City of Lakes comprises of two districts- Sirohi and Pali, where the Gracia tribe dwells.

This one thousand years old tribe has some different story that would make us spellbound in the moment of shock.


This tribe follows the tradition which is called as a Live- in in today’s generation. Young boys and girls get a mutual consent to stay in a live-in relationship before marriage.

Most of the children were born in that tenure of their live- in. This social practice is termed as Live-in Dapa.

This kind of a marriage disrupts them from holding family responsibilities. More than the age of 50 has been keen on participating in this bond. Young lads and grandson have also been the part of this ritual along with their grandfathers.

 According to the recent update, an 80 years old got hitched with his 70 years old live-in partner Rupli Pabura. Their wedding was attended by the great grandson of Pabura.

Rajasthan and Gujarat holds a two days ‘wedding fair’ where one meet the other and get together in a live-in relationship. If they are not able to conceive together, they are allowed to re-attend the fair and choose the other partner again.

To add a cherry on the top, if the lady is fair, she gets to choose her another live-in partner after staying with one. The new live-in partner has to pay more than the first partner. Many of their children are also tied in the marriage.

It has also been seen, the child gets married to his or her bride/groom during the time of their parent’s marriage to themselves or someone else. Is that not a shocking secret we came along?

Written by Soumee Pal.

Image Sources: Internet.


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