Peramalla Pranay Kumar of Nalgonda district married Amrutha Varshini  couple of months ago.

They both were from different communities,Peramalla was a SC and Amrutha was from the Vaishya community.

Amrutha’s father was a rich businessman  and was against there marraige, But Both were determined to get married.

Pranay belonged to Scheduled Caste — Mala sub-group — and Amrutha, 19, was from upper class Vysya community. They were friends from their school days. The couple eloped in January and married at Arya Vysya Samaj in Hyderabad against the wishes of Amrutha’s parents. In the first week of February, the two had approached the Inspector General-Hyderabad Stephen Raveendra seeking protection.

Amrutha Varshini’s father T. Maruthi Rao, a top builder in the rich and fertile Miryalaguda, continued to trouble them.When she became he wanted her to abort her child.

“I had warned Maruthi Rao, but we didn’t expect this extreme step. It is a classic case of honour killing,” Nalgonda Superintendent of Police A.V. Ranganath told a leading newspaper.

“We had gone to the hospital for Amrutha Varshini’s prenatal check up,” said an inconsolable Premalatha.

Amrutha was pregnant, Peramalla Pranay Kumar, was exiting a private hospital with his mother Premalatha and wife Amrutha Varshini at 1.30 p.m., when a tall man in safari suit approached him from behind and slashed his neck twice. A 35-second hospital CCTV footage shows the victim collapsing as the women run into the hospital for help. The victim lay in a pool of blood, metres away from their car he was about to board. He died before he could be administered emergency care.

Teams have been sent to trace the absconding father and another accused Sravan. Police have announced a reward for information leading to their arrest.

We would like to specially mention that we might be growing more technologically advance but we are shallower and more meaner from our cultural side,we should treat people as more human rather than differing in caste,creed and all other prejudices.

ONe concluding message is that what did the murderers of Pranay got after killing him,a wife is suffering,a mother is suffering, and lastly a baby which has not yet even born will be suffering in future too.

And lastly the murderers one day or other will be held by police and arrested.

At the end its just peace and love which is killed giving more hatred in society.


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