The story is about a beautiful and lovely couple,Sujata who belongs from Jamshedpur, Sujata was only the single child of her parents and so was a more pampered dad’s girl .

The story begins when Sujata once  visiting her home on Diwali  in jamshedpur came across a picture which was kept in the desk of her study table,she began to wonder who would be the guy whom she dint knew before.

To her surprise she saw her mother smiling behind her at her back and telling her that they had choosen a boy for her and wanted to know if Sujata liked it also.

Sujata liked the picture after she took a look again but soon she forgot about it .

Soon after some days when she came back to delhi,She was one day informed my her mother that she was liked by the grooms family and it was that Joydeep Wanted to meet her too in delhi .

She was also smiling in her heart and was very excited to meet Joydeep.

It was finally in December 6th 2018 that they meet.

The meeting of the two beautiful souls went on so well that they both couldnt even understand how time went by ,Joydeep always use to think that being a boy is not just enough for a guy but yes he should be a wonderful man too,who knows and understands each and every thing without even saying it.

The understanding of both this souls were so good that even before they got married,Sujata was accepted by her about to be mother in law in such a way that they slowly became best of friends.

It is very rare to see such bondings in this  days where daughter in law is very rarely made a daughter and accepted so well by a mother in law.

In Delhi Sujata used to live alone in a pg where as after she was accepted so well,she was herself called by her mother in law to stay with them in their own house .

Slowly the couples found a perfect family.It was also in 16th December that both the couples celebrated Joydeep’s birthday with much joy.

Her mother in law always supported her and took care of her as her daughter.

Finally came the valentines day too on 14th february 2018.

Joydeep always thinks that in India People should always think about each other in a relationship and should know how to manage it very well.

They accepted Sujata very well and she never felt they were strangers some days back too.

The families finally had completed the engagement in Jamshedpur on 17th June and also They got legally married on 18th June 2018.

The married was however delayed due to some family issues.

Joydeep has a very strong technical background and had been in USA for most of his years of career,In this years of such complexity he still believes that money is not a very important thing in marraige,where as its very tough to get a good relationship, so lies the strong need to treasure them.

We finally come to end of their of their lovely story as the both are about to tie the knot finally now on 24th December 2018.

They enjoyed Durga puja together and Sujata enjoys her den with her lovely husband and her mother in law.

We finally quote its all about trust and believe on each other in a relationships nothing else matters.





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