Poori shaadi ki kahaani today comes with the story of Aditi Juneja and her Husband Moksh.

This story will inspire you and let you believe that Life is a journey where every path is unknown, still the life partners are fixed from heaven only.

Aditi and Moksh became friends through their parents who were themselves mutual friends.They were friends from childhood itself.

Both Aditi and Moksh were happy in their own lives and never took this friendship seriously,they both also had college time affairs and breakups too.

In 2008, December, Moksh’s father suddenly came up with the idea of the marriage of Moksh and Aditi, He also informed Aditi’s father and wanted to know his view on it, Since both were friends so both were happy to get along with each other.Aditi’s father also liked Moksh a lot so he was also very happy.

But neither Moksh nor Aditi were prepared for this alliance as Both had there own reasons for this.


Aditi wanted to go overseas to complete her higher studies and their Moksh wanted to settle down first and get married only after that.

But Aditi tells Poori  shaadi ki kahaani  that Moksh’s denial for marriage was because he liked some one else at that time but Moksh do not approve till today.


After much persuasion both of them finally had to agree for the marriage as their parents wanted them to get married and were happy,so finally the wedding date was fixed.

It followed with the preparations and one day finally both planned to go and shop together ,

But every story has a twist , rather being happy together both of them were not so cool with each others company and had nothing happy to share .

Suddenly one day Moksh comes to Delhi and says he doesn’t want to get married to Aditi and cancels the wedding without giving any proper reason.

Aditi was final left with nothing ,neither  her higher studies nor her wedding ,she was left with doing a job in a company ,she also kept meeting respective alliances of her father’s choice.

Finally a guy from Lucknow was fixed for her marriage,she was also not happy this time but due to social pressure she got married to him on December 2009.

After about 6months Aditi also came to know that Moksh got married to a girl his father choosed and he also couldn’t marry his girlfriend.

But the real tragedy waited her …………… After about 1 year of her marriage she came to know she was married to a last stage schizophrenic patient and that her inlaws kept the secret and tricked the marriage.

This left Aditi devastated .

Aditi tried her best to save her marriage but it failed ,finally she decided to leave and move forward.

Life kept moving…………..

One day Aditi’s parents had a word with his friend – Moksh’s father and he told his friend about his daughters condition , It was then that they also came to know that even Moksh was not happy with his marriage and will be giving divorce to his wife.

One fine day Moksh visited Aditi’s house  when he had come to the town for some work and his court dates.

Moksh parents told Aditi to work with Moksh ,Since Aditi had nothing to do so  she travelled to Mumbai to find out what Moksh does along with her brother.

Within the first few days itself Moksh proposed her and she was confused to accept or reject the proposal.

They kept meeting for lot of business assignments and suddenly one fine day Aditi too made her mind to marry Moksh .

They both choosed a date and went ahead with the marriage when the divorce was over from both the other parties.

They both got married finaly in a closed wedding with friends and family on 27th June 2012.

It’s the best time for both of them .

Aditi finally had full Joined family and had taken all the responsibilities and now have 2 daughters too take care of along with her Moksh.

This is our 10th story of our contest on poori shaadi ki kahani aapki Jubaani.

Love us and share our story .


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Sujit Pal · June 6, 2018 at 6:12 am

Well and very good

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