We all want to be loved and get pampered ..

But what if there is one person who changes your life forever ……one whom we call our soulmate ………

Mukesh and Nita Ambani: Image by pti ,via internet

Is that hard to find ………. or we can find them just that we need to have a better understanding  to know them.. .

Check this signs to know them better ……….


Michele obama and BArak Obama

1.You became  much better in your life by there presence … 

Life became much easier after they came ….. They made you change for better, you may have many positive or negative aspects or habits in your life …..

But once you meet you soulmate …. all this ends up very soon……You learn to grow together..there stands a person who understands and guides you always. HE/She  is your soulmate 

2. YOu see life s problems more lightly….

Every person in there life face challenges in there life sometime or the other, We need to face them maximum times all alone ……….but what if you have some one to share

You know how your life can be easier discussing your problems in life ..

Just keep that person always aside because there no better person in your life than he or she .,they are just the soulmates 


Amitabh bachchan and Jaya bachchan

3.Your connection is more than physical….

Your connection with this very person is more than just a physical connection ,its more than that….

They are not just to seek you in romantic times but also be with you when all harsh realities of life  hit you.

Hold that person and hug him forever he is your Soulmate .

4. YOu share each and evrything …. NO secrets no hard truths ...

Do you share everything with your freind and does he listens to every thing you say and make you believe he knows the rest .

He doesnt need to know what you have not said ,he can understand the rest part easily too.

I called him /her your soulmate.



Sudha murthy and narayan murthy

5.   You both make a powerful couple .

YOu both work wonders when work together, YOu both can conquer the world if you want,

You work you fight you take challenges you win the world together …..

You both are Soulmates 

Virat kohli and Anouska Sharma

Image courtsey : Internet




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