As we grow up, most of us loose touch with our creative side. We start going away from the child in us
and are occupied with the same routine in weekdays as well as weekends. With all of life’s
responsibilities, we forget that we need and deserve ‘down time’ and self-care.
To rekindle or reinvent the same, Fiddle With Paints brings out the creative side in people and exposes
them to the world of stress-free art while having fun at the same time. To bring back some colors and
have a stress free environment, paint parties come into existence.
A unique paint party where participants drop all their anxieties, stress levels, and just fiddle around with
colors and paints.
The socialization jumps to the next level as you talk with people from a varied background and thought
process during the 2-hour session.
No painting or art skills are required as a professional artist guides you step by step. You can choose to
follow along, or express your own creative freedom. All the art supplies like canvas, wooden planks,
paints, brushes, disposables etc are provided on the spot and you get to take back your masterpiece and
some fond memories home.
The paint parties are enjoyed by people of all ages. It helps people to refresh their childhood memories
and have some stress free time and re-charge your mental state.
Fiddle With Paints has been organizing these paint parties across Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon. The last
paint party was conducted at Studio Pepperfry, Southex with Celebrity Guest Richa Mehta, a Fashion
icon, Model & Promising Indian awardee in Entrepreneurship Category. Richa talked about her success
mantras with the participants as she has won more than 35 awards in a very short span of time.
People of all ages in the paint party were highly impressed and motivated by listening to her success journey.
Meenal, the artist and founder of Fiddle With paints has developed techniques which helps anyone to
She gives a free hand to tweak the paintings and encourages participants to unleash their creative
and thoughtful side. She guarantees that everyone creates a masterpiece in the end.
Participants had an awesome time making new friends, knowing each other while painting on the
wooden planks.
A unique concept where you are making your weekend constructive and stress-free rather than just
roaming around and doing the repeated things.
We do not ask participants to focus only on painting but we ask them to fiddle with paints, the way they want .
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