Astrology  is a very ancient subject and practice, and it has been practised globally, in many of its forms, since centuries. Astrology is basically related to the study of the cosmos, and how the stars and other planetary objects in the universe influence life on the earth.

Astrology is just one of those subjects: It’s easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master. Most people are familiar with the most basic aspect of astrology, their Sun sign, and usually they can name at least one common trait of their sign. Sun signs are popularized through all the horoscopes that appear in daily newspaper columns, magazines and websites. Unfortunately, many people think that their Sun sign is all that there is to astrology.

There is no denying that astrology and tarot are deeply linked. Both philosophies consult the astral world for guidance. While in astrology, zodiac signs and readings focus more on planets and their positioning, tarot focuses on the mythical power of the astral world. Combining astrology and tarot helps tarot practitioners and readers expand their practice, while for clients, both philosophies help enrich their life.

This year Delhi would be witnessing the first of its unique kind of fashion show where all  would be witnessing astrologers,tarot card readers who would be  walking the ramp and would be presenting themselves.

We have more than 15 astrologers who would walk the ramp along with some of the top and eminent models and fashion designers all over India.

Some of the major guests who would be attending and walking the ramp are Dinesh Mohan, Sanjeev Nagar,Deepshikha Lungani.

The event will be held On 6th December 2018,at Indian Habitat Centre,New Delhi.

This would be the first event ever where all astrologers across globe would be giving their live performance and also  presentation of their work.

If you really want to know what astrology is,just be an attendee for the event and also be part of this event to know  more about what are the myths and realities of astrology.

There would also be an award function for the astrologer panel who would be felicitated in this event.

The event will be hosted by none other than a sweet and charming astrologer herself who is Minty Chabbra.

She in an interview has said that astrology awareness is very much needed in India as people are still not aware of the exact meaning of  astrology and its prominence in our lives.

Through this event she wants to create an awareness among all the masses that this sector can also be of greater influence in our lives.

Delhi would be waiting for the best astrologers to rock on the floor.

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