As we all heard of the well known proverb: Similar repel and opposites attract.


Same was with Sharmila tagore and Mansoor ali khan : Both were different – It is a love story of the oppposites indeed.

Their faiths were different,religions were different,professions were different and also their personalities too but one thing was common -their unconditional love for each other.

Mansoor Ali was the blue-eyed Nawab of princely state of Pataudi, while Sharmila Tagore was the pretty Bollywood actress.

   Pataudi Palace

No one was sure that their wedding would last but it not only lasted but was one of the best couples.

Sharmila Tagore was a rising actress at that time and Mansoor Ali Khan was into cricket,

Sharmila Tagore met the then Indian cricket team captain, Mansoor Ali Khan through a common friend in Delhi in 1965.

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Mansoor ali khan was not much aware of the bollywood divas and also sharmila tagore dint have much interest into cricket but the initial meeting was a friendly one ,The Nawab of Pataudi had to do a lot of persuasion  to impress the Bengali beauty. He even gifted her a refrigerator, but this  did not work. It were the roses and letters, which were sent over a span of four years that made Sharmila say ‘yes’.

Once the love began it became unseparable.

Sharmila tagore was also into lot of specualtions at that time because of her bikini act in the film,Tagore appeared in a single piece bikini in the film An Evening In Paris (1967).

When both the love birds talked with thier family,Mansoor Ali’s parents were completely  against the decision of their son marrying a film actress, on the same time Sharmila’s parents were not sure if a relationship with a royal family would work out.

But love between them was too strong.The outside world was also not very sure for thier marraige as he was a muslim and Sharmila Tagore was bengali.

But to thier love no one could do anything and eventually the parents agreed.

To marry Nawab, Sharmila converted to Islam and became Ayesha Sultana. She left Bollywood for a while, but returned soon .

Mansoor Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore’s marriage ceremony was held on 27th December 1969 in a true royal fashion and style at Pataudi.

Sharmila Tagore’s  wedding attire was later wore by Kareena Kapoor in her own wedding with Saif Ali Khan

According to the couples the best way tcould make their relation grow was to they can make their marriage work is “let each other live their individual lives.”


They broke the rules, fell in love, and proved their love to the world. 42 years of togetherness,Nawab Pataudi passed away in 2011.

This love story proves that love is above all religion and differences,It just needs to beautiful souls who stick to each other no matter what.

Nawab Pataudi is no more but his legacy is still being carried out well by his lovely wife  and also by  his big family

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They have 3 childrens ,Saif Ali Khan ,soha Ali Khan and Saba Ali Khan

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Aaj EId k din Is pyar k jodi ko hum salaam karte h aur aap sabhi ko Eid ki Bohot bohot subhkamnaye .

Keep reading and keep sharing.

The world needs more love .











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