“Be patient. Everything comes to you at the right moment”.

This beautiful story is of a couple whom God destined to be together. Lahar Bhatnagar and Maninder Pal Singh crossed paths with each other in a train journey.

Lahar, founder mom of the Institution, Nirvana ma, has always been an adventurous person at heart. She was at her tender age of 19 years when she was travelling to Bombay to meet her family. Maninder was travelling to Goa along with his friends for an interview at a Merchant Navy institute.

Both of them are friends rather than a couple. Their respect for each other’s ideas, views and emotions and try to understand than project their own opinion.

Being in India, where girls are not allowed to talk to the strangers, “Do you want a bottle of water?” was the advent of their conversation and their journey of life.

Their relationship had a lot of friendship from the very beginning. That gave them a hope that it was obvious to be together.

The optimistic part of Maninder that attracted Lahar was the time when they met, Maninder’s mother was terminally ill yet he managed to be cheerful and optimistic and have a great sense of humor.


Being a young girl’s parents, Lahar’s mom amd dad did have their apprehensions when she first told them about Maninder. But Maninders charismatic nature slowly won them over. As they were serious about each other, they did not have to pretend about their feelings. Both showered a polite approach and decided to win over each others parents first.

They started showing their efforts for each other when Lahar shifted her laboratory at Bombay where she was doing a research over Neuroscience. Maninder used to drop her home. As we say

‘Slow and steady wins the race’, her parents agreed to the relationship after three years. They invited Maninder for dinner and he readily stole their heart with his charismatic nature. During 2006, when Lahar’s brother was getting married, Lahar’s mother invited Maninder terming his as a “Family”.

By 2007, both the families exchanged words with each other and settled a date at January for the Roka ceremony and later at 2nd of March, 2008, they got knotted to each other forever.

Maninder’s father has always been very keen at getting him married to her. Lahar’s support system has always been her Father-in-law.  

Lahar’s best moment with Maninder is the time when he gets back from his sail and she goes to pick him up. She can never miss that moment to cherish his home coming after so many months.

Lahar recalled two vivid yet delicate memories. One of them was the birth of their two daughters- Parneet and Avneet, which is profoundly, one of the best memories, she has ever treasured.

The most striking memory that she will never forget was the time when Maninder lost his mother, he was at Goa. After the news, he travelled to Amritsar. Before getting back to Goa, he visited Bombay to meet Lahar. They hugged each other and Lahar listened to every emotion he dropped through his tears.

“It is an honour to know the entire you”, this is what Maninder always said after he got to know Lahar deep down the heart.

With an ending note, when asked for a social advice, Lahar grabbed our attention saying that we are slowly becoming wounded by other people’s opinion. We tend to hurt ourselves putting us to their perception as what we are.  We should accept the reality and let it be. We do not have to counter everyone’s opinion. The world is better than we think.


Written by Soumee Pal.

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