Today we are here with an interesting story far from west,From USA.

Many times we Indians believe western countries are not so close or are not committed with their relationships much but this is not the case always,This can be a myth too.

The story below can tell you Why ?….

Here it goes,the Story of Mindy who found her soulmate in school  and they both grew together.

We both went to the same Christian school.

The religion of the school was seventh day Adventist.

He grew up in Indiana which is more on the east side of the USA. I grew up in Oregon which is far west.

We both valued living in the country. We met through a mutual friend on campus. 

So we were friends for a year before we started dating. We spent almost every day together since we met. A couple days before we were introduced, it snowed heavily on campus.

At least a couple feet of snow and everyone met in between the dorms for a campus wide snowball fight. I threw a snow ball at Nathanael and he got ready to throw one at me. I flinched and he said “I’m not going to hurt you.” I thought that was really a sweet/ cute thing to say.

After we met and started spending time together, our favorite things to do together was to go on long walks down train tracks. I loved trains. We also went swimming in a creek that was a few miles from campus with friends. We spent all day with friends watching movies, going for walks or going into town.The more I got to know him, the more I learned about him. We talked about politics, our classes, memories from our childhoods, religious beliefs, how we wanted to raise our kids.

He was gentle, fair, but not afraid to protect himself and me, he was very patient and tolerant of my insecurities and fears. He had a great sense of humor and could always make me laugh.

I said oh no. You can’t just casually do that! What was that!?! He started laughing and he said, do you really want to know right now?? I said YES!!! He went back over to the stocking and pulled out the little black velvet box, came back and knelt on one knee as he presented the ring to me. “Will you marry me?” He asked. I started crying and instantly said yes and hugged him. The ring had a little blue sapphire heart with two little white diamonds on either side.

He slipped it on my finger and I cried again lol. We called our parents who weren’t really surprised but we’re very happy for us. It turned out he had been able to get the ring because his mother had taken her ring into a jewler for repair and they had lost it. So they said they would make her two rings for free. She asked Nate if he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get an engagement ring and he had agreed. So he designed my ring

We got married in a little chapel in the men’s dorm on campus in June of 2014.

The chapels decoration theme was red, white and black. Red roses were my bouquet and I had a white lace wedding dress.

That’s Our families were very happy for us and supportive. His mother came down three days before the wedding to help prepare.

I had him ask my dad if he could marry me before we got engaged so that my dad could be part of it. Kind of for tradition sake.

Life didn’t really change after marriage. I was still working to support us financially so he could finish college. So that didn’t change. The only thing that changed was that we moved in together and we could file jointly on taxes.s administration and he is working to support us as a computer programmer working on embedded systems .

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