Fantasy and Mystery are the core word of a Pisces. You are a hopeless romantic who can anything to please your lover or beloved. You feel the happiness and you know how your partner knows you the best. You love profoundly and when you are hurt. You tend to turn into fragments. That is the reason that makes you so conscious not to commit to anyone or everyone that easily.


You know in your heart that there is someone made for you. And the person you want to be with, you want to be the one who completes you forever. You lose in each other’s eyes when you droll for each other. You can be secretive and though you are truthful, you tend to avoid the full truth in the fear of hurting someone.

 The compatible signs with Pisces are Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio.


Pisces Taurus Compatibility:

The seeker meets the settler.


In a way, Taurus is the kind of mate that Pisces seeks and needs. A haven. Taurus is not that sure about their relationship at first, although Pisces really makes an effort and willingly compromises in order to make it work.

 Taurus grows increasingly fond of Pisces, sort of in a protective way. Their love will grow tremendously and they’ll be able to please and satisfy each other profoundly. They’re eager to form a home and a family together, being sure that they have all it takes to make that in the most commendable way. It’s very much about trust and security, so they wouldn’t dream of infidelity or of neglecting their duties.



Pisces Cancer Compatibility:

The seeker meets the benefactor.


Cancer feels sympathy and some kind of attraction towards Pisces, and Pisces feels somehow fulfilled by the relationship, it can last forever and become quite sincere, even passionate.

They can be very emotional, but not often in the form of heated arguments. Instead, they tend to get overcome by sentiments, often the same ones. Their relation rarely cools down to drab routine. Others might at times find them to be just too much, but to Cancer and Pisces there is no such thing. They want to drown in their love and devote themselves to every minute of it.



Pisces Scorpio Compatibility:

The seeker meets the perturber.


Scorpio and Pisces might tend to be a couple at risk. Especially Pisces might be at risk, because of readiness to sacrifice quite a lot for the relation to work. Scorpio can’t resist taking advantage of that and explore how far it can go.

If they get to grow past that stage, they can indeed form a deeply satisfying relation, passionate and fruitful. Much to their surprise. Scorpio is adorned by Pisces’ integrity, and Pisces is joyful about Scorpio indulging in their emotional experiences.


Written by Soumee Pal

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