You are an epitome of Romance. You find security in the relationships that are meant to stay for live-long. Kisses and cuddles are a fusion to your earnest sense of love you can provide and receive from your lover.

You have a level of connection by providing sensual sense in relationships. Not only for your flirtatious attitude but to connect to all forms of satisfaction is all you invite in your love life. You can be mistaken as a big flirt for your jolly side as people tend to intercept through your first interaction but you need productivity and assurance in your love life.

You love your independence and do not want to be pulled down in chains and if someone persists on doing this, you might end up frustrated.


The compatible signs for Sagittarius are Aries, Libra and Leo.

Sagittarius Aries Compatibility:

The independent meets the contender.

Sagittarius and Aries are impatient signs, so the tenure of their relation is small, despite having a lot in common. Attachments will flourish and stay if they respect each other for space and their own thoughts. They expect personal space yet not that active to allow their partner for the same.


It’s a surprise if they are attracted to one another to begin with. Normally, they are people going through life in separate paths. But if they likely to catch each other’s attention, their relation will become intense, like perfumed sticks burning from the either sides.


 Sagittarius Libra Compatibility:

The independent meets the conscience.

Sagittarius and Libra are most likely to be poles apart, since Sagittarius is not much for grave commitment and Libra is not much of a follower at all. So, they prefer to avoid forming a couple. It’s an unwilling relation, but there are things about the other that attract them.

Mainly, Libra respects that Sagittarius obviously has principles and Sagittarius admires Libra’s strong sense of integrity. If the mutual admiration grows, so will their love. That love can become deep as the ocean, much to their own surprise. But their friends may have seen it coming – not that they could convince the couple of it, though. Libra and Sagittarius only trust their own perspective.


Sagittarius Leo Compatibility:

The independent meets the cavalier.

Sagittarius and Leo complement each other well.  They have their own dreams which do not tend to match and none will bow down for the relationship to work-out.


 Being in a relationship, they tend to spend rare times with each other. They both need a huge room of independence with quantified commitment to make them comfortable. They find satisfaction in each other for quite a little amount of time but have a lot in common to get along. They enjoy intimate moments very deeply when it comes to trigger and seduce one other.

Written by Soumee Pal

Image Sources: Internet.

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