When you stand in the boat of love, you can just sail with anyone you really want to be with. Your emotional bond can be so strong with the one you love that you do not know how to unbind from them or the situation.

A love connection you want needs to be profound, intense and nothing less than that. You can be extremely possessive about the person you are with or you want to be with. When you meaningfully travel in the world of love, you tend to become deeply attached to your partner and support them in all the ups and downs of life and in the meantime, they deeply fall in love with you.

As a Scorpio, you love to be pampered and do not any sort of indecisiveness. If your partner shows they are faithful to you, you keep them closer, forever.

The compatible signs with Scorpio are Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn.


Scorpio Cancer Compatibility:

The perturber meets the benefactor.

 This couple has a heart-warming relationship. It might be a little disrupt yet totally intense.

Cancer is eventually nourishing what Scorpio finds inadequate. That’s how they maintain their involvement. When everything goes good, they both starts taking tension, so they start to complicate the issues finally getting angry.

They are both passionate at heart, despite having two separate nature. Their love to be showed turmoil of emotions. Not everybody understands why are they together, but it is promising that their trust is strong and so is their love.


Scorpio Virgo Compatibility:

The perturber meets the scrutineer.

Virgo is down to earth and Scorpio is like someone unknown, maybe even be weird. But few opposite poles attract. There can be madness and sort of a challenge for both. They might also find that they peace in each other yet grows from it. Then the relation can be profound, even romantic.


Virgo always stand by Scorpio, which excites Virgo. That can be a nourishment for both of them. It could even make them settle down enough to form a home and a family. Still, it’s not that consistent and there are many quarrels. Anxiety is often passed on.


Scorpio Capricorn Compatibility:

The perturber meets the achiever.

The intentions of Capricorn and Scorpio are totally opposite poles. Scorpio might tremble Capricorn’s capability and Capricorn wants Scorpio stand for something. Capricorn regards that as being a creator instead of a destroyer, but to Scorpio it’s more a question of making their relationship really happen or not.

If their relation lasts, it’s because their different perspective do not clash. That can be the case, especially if they spend plenty of time apart to pursue their own interests. Then, it can be a nourishing relationship, also compassionate.


Written by Soumee Pal.

Image Sources: Internet.

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