LOVE IS UNIVERSAL, Even now Section 377 is also accepted.

No Caste,Creed,Colour or Gender can hold love

John McCane and Salaphaty Rao is also an example of it.

In January, Salaphaty Rao and John McCane, both in their 20s, got engaged in a Vedic ceremony in Melbourne in the presence of family and friends.

Salaphaty, a Malaysian Indian, moved to Australia for studies, whereas John

is a resident of Ohio in the United States. 

 They both met on a FACEBOOK GROUP OF GAY HINDUS  and experienced an instant connect. They met in person for the first time in 2013 in India, and they did a cross country meet and discovered their love .

Salaphaty follows the Sri Vaishnava tradition, which he took on from his family, John was brought up as a Protestant Christian.

“I considered myself a Hindu and a Sri Vaishnav many years before I had even met Salaphaty. I feel that even if some of the modern culture has veered to the far right in recent years, Hinduism as a whole is very accepting in the absolute plurality of its faiths and philosophies,” as told to many news channels and media agencies by John.

Both Salaphaty and John are traditional Sri Vaishnavs and are trained in Sanskrit and Pancharatra Agama

Rao first proposed to McCane when visiting him in Ohio and they got unofficially engaged at the temple where Rao put a ring and a RAINBOW-COLOURED sacred thread on McCane.

Due to same gender marraige it was difficult for them to find a priest for this marraige,The 2 couples plans to open a temple that is all inclusive to foster education of Vedic and Puranic literature but also a place of shelter for those who have been the victims of prejudice.

If people need a priest for LGBT services, they can come without the fear of repercussion.

Salaphaty and John’s relationship was not only accepted, but was also openly welcomed by their families. 

Both families liked each other families  and welcomed them with open arms

For someone who has lived in India for some time (he studied in Bengaluru), John feels that the country has a long way to go when it comes to its current laws regarding homosexuality. 

McCane, who follows Hinduism, said, “I had dreamed of a huge Telugu function like you see in the movies with women all in nine-yard saris, countless sweet dishes, dancers and singers and surrounded by family.”

The couple got  married last year and are living together in the U.S. happily.



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