So let’s get to know there “Poorishaadi ki kahaani”

How They Actually Met!

Bollywood Ki Chandni….Chandni Mai Khi Goom Ho Gyi.

Bollywood Ki Chandni….Chandni Mai Khi Goom Ho Gyi.Boney admitted, “I fell in love with Sri after watching her Tamil film during the late 1970s. I even flew to Chennai to meet her but she was shooting in Singapore. A few months later, I watched Sri’s debut Hindi film Solva Sawan (1979) and realised I wanted her to work with me. One day I went to meet her on the sets of a movie. But Sri was an introvert and wouldn’t talk to strangers. She talked to me in half-broken English and Hindi and just said that her mother took care of her projects.”

When Boney Met His Mother-In-Law!

Boney said, “When she asked for Rs 10 lakh, I offered her Rs. 11 lakh because I wanted to be close to Sri. Her mother was impressed.”

Sridevi Getting Friendly With Boney

“There were no vanity vans at that time but I arranged for a separate make-up room for her. Gradually, she felt comfortable with me,” he said.

The Two Got Separated

Sridevi allegedly started dating Mithun Chakraborty at which point Boney saw no point in going behind her and opted for an arranged marriage to Mona.

Friendship Got Stronger

Mithun apparently got secretly married to Sridevi but he wasn’t ready to divorce his wife, Yogeeta Bali and he didn’t accept his relationship with Sridevi either, at this point deeply hurt Sridevi started to find a good friend in Boney.

Boney-Sridevi’s Love

The duo got closer when Boney allegedly cleared off the debts made by Sridevi’s mother even though they were not married and due to this even Sridevi fell for him.

Pregnant Sridevi Separates Boney And Mona

Mona said, “”My marriage was over. Respect, for me, is foremost. Love follows that. As we evolve, we sometimes need change. Boney too needed somebody else, not me. There was nothing left in the relationship to give it a chance because Sridevi was already with a child. That itself was a big statement for me to opt out.”

Tough Time Faced By Mona

She said, “My family, including my father, my mother and sister was the greatest support. The humiliation was painful because I was pitted against a heroine. I was made to feel lesser than her. The industry wives gave me suggestions like, ‘Why don’t you lose weight?’ or ‘Why don’t you join a gym?’ All this made me realise that I had to get up, dust myself and start walking all over again. Also the advice that my friend Meena’s mother gave me became the gospel truth for me. She said, ‘If somebody has no place for you in their lives, then you can have no place for them in yours.’ I understood that I had not failed – my relationship had!”

Sridevi-Boney Marry

The couple get married in 1996 after working with Boney’s brother, Anil Kapoor in Lamhe.

Happy Family

In spite of all the ups and downs, today they are happily married and have two beautiful daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi.

Finally a black day arrived

Boney Kapoor and Sridevi’s love story is as passionate as it could be. And, it will be until eternity. The couple were in UAE for his nephew Mohit Marwah’s wedding

And on 24th Feb 2018 she died in Dubai in hotel room in an accidental drowning .

Her husband was along with her at the time of the incident .
She left behind her ,her 2 daughters “jahnavi and khushi”
And her husband whom she used to call “papa”

His “jaan” was lost forever
We pay our TRIBUTE to her
May her soul rest in peace

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