It says love is blind, and it also rightly said that relations are made in heavens.
We today would tell you all about the story of a small girl from from Nellure who was not only a good dancer, a good singer but also a very good human being by heart.

Vasanthi Lakshmi was her name and she was also like a Lakshmi herself,from her childhood she was always fond of working for others.

Ravi was Vasanthi ‘s childhood friend and they both were best friends from a very tender age,Vasanthi always thought ravi as her future husband and was very fond of her dear friend.
She also used to tell her parents that Ravi will only be my husband in future,her parents used to laugh at her childish remarks.

But as time passed,their bonding grew up and their parents also understood that this relation is also made by God.
Ravi parents was not from a very sound financial situation but Ravi was always a very studious boy from a very tender age.

He always thought of giving his parents the best of his efforts and wanted to be a successful person all his life.
They both were soul mates were Lakshmi always used to encourage Ravi to grow in life and flourish.
After they confessed their love to their families,Lakshmis parents were little tensed with Ravi’s background but they knew Ravi is a very hardworking man and would do the best in his life,they also knew that for Lakshmi Ravi was her heart and soul, they readily there after agreed for the relation soon after Ravi completed his Masters in paediatrics.

They tied their knot together into an auspicious wedlock in 9th of February, 1989 at Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh. Vasantha was a young, beautiful lady of 18 years of age then.
They started their new life and they faced strongly every hurdle that came their way and tried to make their life the best.
They both started their career not with a small clinic but yes with a 5 bedded hospital called the Rich Hospital. They worked very hard and build their hospital as one of the best hospitals in Nellore.Now they have many branches in South India

Vasanthi also continued with her social works and worked for her own Build NGO too and worked for the less destitute.
Vasanthi says that her urge to work for the poor and the needy came very early in her life , It was the year, 1978. During her days at NCC, Andhra Pradesh was highly affected by a flood where many people lost their lives, many got buried. She saw them with her own eyes. RSS formed camps to help the flood-affected regions. There she joined the volunteering to help as much as possible. That flood stuck a mark in her young heart which created a realization to help people and do something for the society.

When asked about her most memorable moment, Vasantha recalled the day when Ravi tied the yellow thread around her neck as a promise to take care of her forever.
With the ending note, when asked about an advice for couples, Vasantha grabbed our attention where she projected her views that respect is the soul of a relationship. The couple should accept each other for the way they are and last but not the least, we should always keep a belief that mutual understanding can overcome anything in life.


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