Virgos may seem introvert, this doesn’t mean they are so in deep relationships. They know themselves and their emotions run inside beneath the face. Virgo’s sensuality isn’t a ‘poker’ style, but more about action than words. Virgos are ‘earthier’ than most other signs and as such value, consistency and loyalty from their partner. As pertains to romantic intimacy, this means they prefer transparency in a lover and prefer consistent relationships over flings. A strong dedication is what you can expect from a Virgo. They may not speak their love as much as other signs, but they will still show the power of their love through actions and words.


The compatible signs of Virgo are: Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio.


Virgo Taurus Compatibility:

The scrutineer meets the Settler.

Taurus and Virgo have a lot of similarities , but not towards the things they look into. Despite having many values and tend to work for the same position, they apply it in various ways.

They know how to keep one another contented and their relationship quickly becomes sweet as sugar. They always have it in mind to start for a new family and home.

Everything seems to be good, except for that growing uncomfortable. No matter how much they believe on things, there are views about life and relation on which they disagree profoundly which they get as a surprise.


 Virgo Cancer Compatibility:

The scrutineer meets the Benefactor.

The bond between the two is ever-lasting. Virgo needs something that Cancer crosses in the way that are not seen as a pleasure by Virgo. Cancer wants dominancy, but cannot work out ways with Virgo of its demand.

They share their duties away from having a clash, and if things tend to grow deeper, they find their ultimate peace in the relationship. They are not ready to bow down initially, but they will be well satisfied with the relationship later. Or they deviate after much fights.

While the relationship continues to stay, complications do come but when the sky clears after the rain, it provides its own gift. They may not perfectly please one another profoundly, but they together grow in the relationship.


Virgo Scorpio Compatibility:

The scrutineer meets the perturber.

Virgo is down to earth and Scorpio is like someone unknown, maybe even be weird. But few opposite poles attract. There can be madness and sort of a challenge for both. They might also find that they peace in each other yet grows from it. Then the relation can be profound, even romantic.


Virgo always stand by Scorpio, which excites Virgo. That can be a nourishment for both of them. It could even make them settle down enough to form a home and a family. Still, it’s not that consistent and there are many quarrels. Anxiety is often passed on.

Written by Soumee Pal

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