The story is about Sujata the youngest cute pampered moreover a daddy’s girl in her family of 6  who hails from Jamshedpur.

This short story would give you a ride to her pre-marriage days as how she got into a mutual trust of love for the rest of her life being a person who always used to find out odd ways to take an excuse from the topic of marriage.

IT was the occasion of lights full of crackers puja and merry when she hopped in Jamshedpur and in between she came across a picture which was lying in her study table,she was negligent about it but did had a look to the pic and began to wonder why it was there.

To her surprise she saw her mother smiling behind her which arouse the inquisitiveness and started enquiring and then when she came to know that her family had chosen the boy for her and wanted to know if she (Sujata)liked it, she looked again but soon she was causal enough in her response.

Soon after some days when she came back to Delhi, She was one day informed my her mother that she was liked by the grooms family and they wanted her to meet Joy who resides in Delhi since a decade and hails from Jamshedpur .

Her (Sujata) response was causal, however was smiling within and was equally excited to meet Joy. It was finally on December 6th, 2018 that they meet.

The meeting of the two beautiful souls went on so well that they both couldn’t even understand how time went by ,Joy being a matured socially sensible with nice piece of ideology and beliefs that being a boy is not just enough for a guy but yes he should be a wonderful man too, who knows and understands each and every thing without even saying it  when it comes in valuing relationship, family and maintaining a balance of both.

The understanding of both this soul started on the steps of trust, happiness, belief and paying respect to individual’s thought. Sujata was well liked & accepted by her new in-laws and specially her mother in law in such a way that they slowly became best of friends.

It is very rare to see such bindings these days where daughter in law’s are accepted as daughter  so well by a mother in law. In Delhi Sujata used to live alone in a pg whereas after she was accepted so well, she was herself called by her mother in law to stay with them in their own house so that she (Sujata) can see and feel the comfy and understand her new family much closely.

Slowly the couples found a perfect family with great belonging of togetherness and trust.

16th December, Sujata celebrated Joy’s fulfilled birthday as it was a first birthday which they spent together.

Her mother in law always supported her and took care of her as her daughter. Finally came the valentine’s day too on 14th February 2018 when their family decided to clutch the couples in the bonding of love & trust and they got engaged on 17th June’18.

Joydeep always thinks that this society people should always think about each other in a relationship and most importantly a guy should always think about the girl he brings in his life (who left behind her own family after ages and creates a mindset of accepting a new parent as her mother & father and hope to get an equal amount of love. )who is completely dependent on him and has stepped into a new world where everybody is stranger, it becomes the man’s responsibility to understand her and make her feel the best & should know how to manage it very well.

They accepted Sujata very well and she never felt they were strangers some days back too.

The couple has a set ideology even after being in the professional world of such complexity still believes that money is not an important factor in marriage ( as a greedy cadre of society firmly believe on it for which lot of hopes and love has been crushed),whereas its very tough to get a good relationship, so lies the strong need to treasure them finally we come to an end of their lovely story as the both are about to tie the knot on 24th November  2018.

We finally quote it’s all about trust and believe on each other in a relationship nothing else matters.

Please join us in pouring our blessings to the cute and happy couple with loads of love happiness wealth & Success:)

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